About Us

Geoffrey Crabtree Growth Strategies, a DBA of GCrabtree Growth Strategies, LLC, is a business consulting firm primarily serving healthcare, general business organizations and not-for-profit associations. Founded in April, 2017 by Geoffrey Crabtree, former Senior Vice President of the Methodist Healthcare System of San Antonio, one of the nation’s largest health care providers, Geoffrey Crabtree Growth Strategies primary focus is on strategic planning, marketing, management and growth initiatives.

With over 40-years of successful planning, management and marketing experience, and over 29 years with the Methodist Healthcare System, Geoff Crabtree is a proven leader in building businesses and implementing successful growth strategies in healthcare, banking, real estate, commercial business, broadcasting and not-for-profit associations.

Geoffrey Crabtree Bio


With significant experience in marketing, strategic planning, operations, management, sales and growth initiatives, Geoffrey Crabtree Growth Strategies offers San Antonio and South Texas businesses these focused services on an hourly or project basis:

  • Healthcare marketing, strategic planning, public relations, and growth initiatives; including management, financial stability, and non-clinical operations (primarily directed at Texas rural hospitals)

  • Marketing, sales and strategic planning services for commercial businesses – banking, real estate, retail, B2B, tourism, education
  • Marketing and strategic planning for non-profit associations and organizations – image/awareness initiatives, membership growth and retention, donor development, governance education, operations